Careers (jobs) at rsquare media inc.

We're looking to fill the following roles:

  1. Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Sales Team Leader, Regional Vice President - Sales & Business Development
  2. Social Media Intern, Future Social Media Rockstar

What we’re Looking for:

  • We value Integrity, Honesty and Enthusiasm Above Work Experience and Academic Qualifications.
  • Highly detail oriented, high energy professional who is able to articulate thoughts clearly and succintly
  • Confident, passionate professional who is looking to grow with the organization and take on a leadership role soon  
  • Candidate must read, write and speak English perfectly (knowledge of Spanish is desired, but not required).
  • Candidate must be extremely familiar with using Social Media, Internet based applications like Email, Calendar, Skype or Google Hangout, Google Docs, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.; Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and using a Windows based computer.
  • Send 1 page Resumes to help@RSQUAREMEDIA.COM along with your availability for a video interview

Why you’ll LOVE us:

  • Flexible working hours including work from home 
  • Casual atmosphere
  • Open workspace - no cubicles - everyone sits in the same space
  • Fully paid company vacay.* Ski Trip - Hunter Mountain, NY, Florida (Orlando, Miami, KeyWest) and The Bahamas.


    2 Payment Options for Sales Roles

    • Commission Only
    • Salary + Commission


    • Full training provided.
    • 10-20% commission.
    • Role & Responsibility: All you have to do is tell us WHERE the OPPORTUNITY exists + the contact details of the decision maker, so we can call & schedule a meeting. When the deal closes, you get paid. So, if you refer a deal for $10,000 – 10% ($1000) is guaranteed , with the possibility of up to 20% ($2000)
    • Salary + Commission: $10/hr + 7% commission with target of 10 sales a week. 

    Performance Incentives: 

     When you perform at a higher level, your base pay increases as well - for the week of the higher performance.

    • 13-18 sales/week - $12/hr for that week (at least $480+$1365= $1845) - base pay + commission = ~$7400/month
    • 19-25 sales/week - $15/hr for that week (at least $600+$1995=$2585) - base pay + commission = ~$10,300/month