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We take social media off your daily "to-do" list so you can focus on doing what you do best -- grow your business.
Social Media has come a long way and has evolved many times over the past five years (and continues to evolve). What's interesting is that people's usage of it has increased across age groups and is even across sexes. 

Allow us to help you answer common questions like:

  • What Social Media is right for me and my business/organization?
  • Do we need Twitter?
  • Do we need a Facebook Fanpage?
  • Can Facebook or Instagram help in boosting traffic to my website?
  • Can Facebook or Tumblr help me with online conversion?
  • Can I accept donations through my Facebook Fanpage?
  • Can I have a store-front on Facebook?
  • Do we need to be on YouTube?
  • What kind of videos are right for my business/organization?
  • Will being on social media improve my online visibility?
  • What's the difference between social media management and social media marketing?

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Social Media Suite of Services:

  • Facebook Fanpage design and customization with custom facebook apps
  • Facebook search
  • Social Media Management: Facebook posting i.e. creating original content (stories, graphics, videos, links to your blog) and posting to facebook two to three times a week or as requested 
  • Blog Design
  • Social Media Management: Blog Article creation every week or every month or as requested
  • YouTube Channel Design and Customization - Custom Artwork, Links overlay, Onscreen branding, trailer, playlists, etc.
  • Long Form or Short form video for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
  • Infomercials, Animated Video, Interview style videos, lyrics, voice overs (MVO, FMO)
  • Original Content Creation, Video Production

As a small business owner, you have about a million things to do every day, but posting to your social media pages doesn't have to be one of them. Social media marketing services for small businesses. Social media content, done for you, every single day.

We know it's not always easy to establish and maintain the social media presence for your small business. In fact, it can be challenging to find the hours or the know-how to make it happen. Call us, we can help! Call us on (646) 249-3561 or mail us on for FREE Consultation.